Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Team USA

So yesterday, this happened...

John Hancock's Elite Team was announced in this video. It gave me chills too, Kara. Clearly Kara and her best buddy Shalane heard I was running, and they want their duo to become a trio. Now, I just have to chop 2 hours off my time so that I can run with them. That's possible, right?

In all honesty, I'm so excited that Team USA will be here in April. I'm bummed I won't get to cheer them on as I have done in the past, but it's pretty cool to say we ran in the same event (again).

I saw this and was ready to get out and run after work. Then the rest of the day happened, and when I got home all I really wanted to do was sit on the couch. I said something to my husband about how I should go for a run.

"Don't you have to go for a run?...You're doing that thing. You need to do the marathon this year so that it will be done, and I never have to hear about it again."

My supportive husband, ladies and gentlemen. He's usually the first one to tell me that I can skip a run, and I know that's what I was expecting (and probably looking for). I was shocked by his response. Think that I perhaps talk too much about running?

Regardless, it was the reminder and push I needed to get out the door. For whatever reason, running outside in the dark wasn't so appealing, so I hit up the treadmill. I did 3 miles in 26:37, and then went upstairs to do some weights. Then I did lots of stretching and foam rolling. I am so, so glad that I went. It's true, you never regret a workout. Particularly when you've got a race with Olympians on the line.

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