Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Running Outfits

Last night, I dragged myself to Body Pump.Though the new class has been out a few weeks, it was my first time trying it out. I really liked it, especially because we used dumbbells rather than the barbell for the biceps track. I haven't done a group class in ages, and my arms are definitely feeling it today!

I was worried I wouldn't get to the class last night. Mainly because it wasn't until 6:30 which gave me plenty of time to get home and get lazy. Luckily, I had some new workout clothes that I wanted to wear, so I put them on as soon as I got home. This trick has really been working for me and new clothes. Especially when it's cold and dark and I have some fun new neon item to wear.

No way for a driver to miss spotting this

Even old clothes are fun when they're part of a costume. My outfit for the half was basically all stuff that I owned. (with the exception of the tutu which was purchased from Etsy)

The shirt was what I got from pv.body a few months ago, and I just cut the bottom of a t-shirt to make the white shoulder band. I wore black capris underneath and a pink headband that I already owned. Overall, I think it worked out pretty well. I was pretty comfortable

Speaking of pv.body, there has been some controversy over the company. Apparently they are changing their business model, so rather than getting clothing from brand names, you'll be getting items from their own line. As a subscriber, I was just disappointed that I had to read about it in a blog post rather than hearing it directly from the company. Reading the comments in Sarah's blog, it sounds like the company has bigger issues. I haven't had to deal with their customer service department, but it seems like a ton of women have had pretty bad experiences with the company!

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