Thursday, January 10, 2013


A few days before Christmas I listed out some running related goals for myself. I realized I never did an update on these so here they are:

Write donation letters
Yes, I did write the letters. I even started working on a list of people to email. I haven't sent this out, but I am strategically waiting until when people have recovered a bit from the holidays. I know I wouldn't be giving to anyone right now.

Buy new running shoes
Check! I hit up Marathon Sports and went with something a bit different than what I had been running in. I'll write more on my new shoes soon.

Contact local businesses about fundraising events
Total fail on this one. I don't even have a good excuse. I just didn't do it.

Get in every single workout (runs, strength, yoga)
Yes and no. I fell back in love with Body Pump and did some strength training on my own. I went to a fabulous slow flow yoga class on Christmas Eve. It was exactly what I needed and felt so good. However, I ended up not running Christmas Day (some how ran out of time) or New Years Day (hangover, the movie and the experience).

Finalize Disney costume 
Done! Well I'm told I need a crown. I can buy it while I'm down there I'm sure.

Spend my City Sports Groupon
I have yet to do this. Santa was very good to me running wise, so I don't really need anymore winter apparel. I will probably use the Groupon for a Camelbak or something. My hydration belt is basically dead.

Use slow cooker
Yes! I made a Sweet Potato Lasagna in the slow cooker. It was ok. I sort of screwed up the recipe, but I don't blame the slow cooker for that one. I am actually really, really excited to start using this more.

Clearly I didn't have success across the board, but I did do a lot of what I wanted to accomplish. I just need to prioritize the remaining items in the coming weeks. I think I can handle that.

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