Thursday, December 27, 2012


A nice Christmas Day run sounded like the perfect gift to myself, but for many reasons, I didn't make it out the door that day. I'm totally okay with that, because it was a special occasion.

Even on an average day, it can be tough finding motivation to lace up your sneakers. Even though my 9 mile run this weekend was awesome, I definitely dragged my heels getting out the door.

It was cold, and I was cozy in bed. I am reading Ultrarunner Scott Jurek's book, and I was enjoying reading all snuggled up in my bed. I got through a couple chapters when I started reading about one of his morning training runs in Minnesota in winter. He talked about all the layers he bundled up in and how he ran despite sinking down in the snow. I thought about how it wasn't nearly that cold out today. It was only partly cloudy and all I'd need was a light pullover. 

One of the reasons I'm even reading Jurek's book is to pull inspiration for my training efforts. He's an amazing athlete, and I've been inspired by books written by other runners so I'm not surprised that it got me out the door.

Yesterday, before my 5 mile run, I was happy sitting on the couch watching Gossip Girl. I decided to try on a pair of running tights that were a Christmas gift. They're really loud and I lost my nerve to wear them out of the house, so I opted to put on another outfit. I put on another outfit, but still needed another little push. Cue my 26.2 headband!

This reminder helped me focus on my goal. I had to think about how these 5 miles were going to help me get to the marathon finish line. After that I went out and dominated my 5 mile run, including some steep hills in Beacon Hill. (That name is no joke!)

The ultimate inspiration though is knowing that I'm running for a bigger cause. Today, before heading out on my 3 mile run, I did some work on my fundraising efforts. That was the best reminder of why I'm running. These steps are just a small way that I can contribute to the fight against childhood cancer. 

It wasn't pretty. In fact it was a tough run. Even when it was hard, I thought about MGH and my mission. That helped me push beyond laziness and through any discomfort. This race and my training are about so much more than just crossing the finish line, and I can't think of anything more inspiring.

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