Saturday, December 15, 2012

Going Long

There are a lot of runs involved in marathon training. The staple being the long run. 

This is just the first week of my training, so the schedule called for 6 miles. I am running the Disney half in January, which is before the schedule really picks up. The schedule is very beginner level, so I'm upping the milage a bit early so that I'll be up to 13 by Disney and can get in more than one 20 mile training run.

I'll admit, I dragged my feet getting out the door for this one. (Just how I want to start the long journey to the Boston starting line, yes?) My goal was to run 7 miles, which is pretty low milage for a long run. With milage so low, I left my Gu and water at home. I think once I hit 10 miles, I'll start packing fuel options. For now, I am enjoying the simplicity of just heading out with keys and my ipod.

I got out and waited for my Garmin to load...and waited...and waited. My Garmin has been so slow recently! I finally just wanted to get moving, and as I did 6 miles last weekend, I figured I'd run a bit farther than what I previously had done and that would be good enough. Usually my watch will get a signal a quarter mile in, so again, thought it would be good enough.

About 5 minutes in, my watch asked if I was a. indoors or b. over 100 miles/km farther away than its last use. The answer was no to both, so I knew that time would be about all I could really track.

I stuck to running along the Charles River, cranked up my music, and zoned out. I was actually brainstorming fundraising ideas, when I stumbled over a tree root and almost face planted on the sidewalk. Luckily I caught myself and stayed mostly upright. Phew!

About 30 minutes into the run, I turned around. Heading back it was pretty windy which wasn't fun. Surprisingly I kept up a quick pace, and plugged along even though I started getting a tad bored with my route. Clearly, I'll need to explore some new route options during the upcoming weeks. 

The best part was that about a quarter mile from home, I saw my-coworker and her husband. It was great to chat with them, and if I hadn't stuck to this route, I wouldn't have seen them!

I used Daily Mile to track my milage, and while I didn't turn around at a very notable point, I figured I ran approximately 7.5 miles. Not too bad!

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