Monday, December 17, 2012

Burn Results

This morning was the final morning of my Burn Challenge!

I have to admit, I did not end on a strong note. I have definitely been logging more miles (yay!) but I haven't kept up my strength training the past two weeks (outside of the Monday morning sessions). I've also been enjoying the holidays and all the treats that come with them. Between cookie exchanges, holiday candies, and decadent dinners, my eating habits haven't been totally healthy these past two weeks. This totally showed on my end results.

Final Assessment:

Sprint: I was only 4 seconds faster in my sprint. I think I must have counted something wrong the first time though, because I know I had the treadmill set to a faster pace this morning, so I should have had a much faster time. Oh well, something to work towards I guess.

Plank: I also held a plank for about 30 seconds longer than my previous one. Not a huge improvement, but I honestly think this is mostly a mental thing for me. I get so bored during planks.

Weight: I am down about 5lbs from my previous weight! Obviously, I'm really happy about this, but over all, I'm disappointed in my results. Don't get me wrong, I totally got what I put into it. I indulged in holiday treats and skipped workouts. It's easy to forget that these things add up, and the results show it.

Lessons Learned:
- I need more strength training. I know this will only help my running
- I need a plan. The first few weeks, our trainer emailed us "homework." I was actually great about getting these done. The last two weeks, we were on our own, and that's when I started skipping weight training. It was just easier to lace up my sneakers and knock out 4 miles than to research and find a workout plan before hitting the gym. I need to not only go to the gym with a plan, but have one ready to go a day or so before.
- You are what you eat. When I eat lean, green and clean, I feel great and want to workout. When I start to snacking on holiday treats and skipping my vegetables, I feel sluggish and lazy. All I have to say to myself is duh.

I don't want to over extend myself, but I'd love to sign-up for more small group training. I need that push to get me to the gym, and I need that plan to actually make the weight training happen.

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