Monday, November 19, 2012

The Power of Protein

This morning, I had a second Burn Challenge class! Boy it was tough, but I felt so great afterward. I definitely slacked off last week in the fitness department, so I was mad at myself as the other girls recapped their previous week's activity. It makes me want to step it up this week!

I have to say, the challenge did help me make some better choices eating wise this week. I ate out a ton this week but made smarter choices when ordering. I'd opt for a veggie loaded omelet over pancakes or started with a big salad before indulging in an appetizer portion of pasta.

After my workouts this past week, I have definitely been diligent in proper recovery. I have taken time to stretch and foam roll, and I have been consuming protein within one hour of working out. Protein goes hand-in-hand with working out as it helps repair and rebuild those muscles you just worked.

One of my favorite ways to get protein after a morning workout is to add a scoop of protein powder to my morning coffee! This morning I treated myself to a venti soy latte from Starbucks, and as soon as I came home, I added in my favorite protein powder. You still get a taste of the protein powder, but I mostly tasted my yummy latte. Another favorite is the "Protein Pancake" recipe on the back of the bag. It's easy and since it's a pancake, you feel like you're indulging. You can add this vanilla flavored protein to a smoothie for an extra boost or use a chocolate protein with some milk and peanut butter for a milkshake type treat.

How do you sneak protein into your diet?

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