Monday, November 26, 2012

Running Streak Update

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!

We flew down to my parents' bright and early on Thanksgiving morning. (aka no turkey trot for me this year. sad face.)

I played a game of Scrabble with my Dad and then promptly passed out on our couch until it was almost dinner time.

This means I started my RW Running Streak the day after Thanksgiving. Man, was it a beautiful day! I wore a tank top and shorts and 4 (very hilly) miles.

Saturday, around 5pm, I still hadn't gone running and joked to my brother about how that was the shortest "streak" ever. He looked at the clock and said "well, you still have time." That was all the motivation I needed to get out and conquer 3 speedy miles.

I squeezed in a run last night, and then we did intervals during Burn this morning, during which I hit well over 2 miles. So the streak is alive and well! Now that I'm a few days in, I feel totally invested and I want to keep it up. It's definitely given me motivation these past few days, and I'm really excited to continue!

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