Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Running Streak

The Runner's World Holiday Running Streak is back!

For those of you not familiar, the holiday run streak is where you run at least one mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Years day. The streak is designed to help you stay motivated and fit during the chaotic holiday season.

I may already be doing the Burn Challenge, but I kind of want to do this too. I think it goes hand in hand with what I'm trying to accomplish through Burn, plus I've been wanting to recommit to running. Hopefully, I will have some big Spring races to train for and this would be a perfect spring board for those.

the best part? A mile is totally an easy thing to cram on days where I am over scheduled, sleepy, or stressed. This week alone, I did not workout Tuesday (whoops!). Thanks to staying up too late watching Homeland last night, I did not wake-up early enough to squeeze in a workout this morning. But a mile? I could have done that.

Runners, are you going to join in the streak?

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