Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frozen Legs

For the first time all week, I actually feel warm. Perhaps that's because I stopped denying the dropping temperatures and wore my winter coat and fleece lined tights to work today.

Or perhaps it's because last night I foolishly wore my shorts home from the gym. This wouldn't have been a big problem except it was sleeting and the route between the gym and my apartment might as well be a wind tunnel. I could barely feel my legs by the time that I got home.

By the time I got to the gym, I could only really work out for 30 minutes. So I came up with a very creative speed workout. I did it on a 1% incline while watching the Friends episode "The One with the Flashback."

*Friends episode optional
As you can see, my "Treadmill Workout" is quite complicated. I go faster every minute until I want to die for 7 minutes. Why 7 minutes? Mainly because 9mph seemed like a good stopping point. You'll also notice my lengthy "cool down" of 1 minute. I just figured walking 4 mph for 5 minutes would be a great cool down, then at 28:30 I figured I should go for an even 30 minutes. So that last minute I went progressively slower. If I'd been thinking I would have done 9.5 for 30 seconds so I could have an even 30 minute workout. Maybe next time or sometime when my legs are nice and warm from being in flannel tights all day.

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