Friday, November 9, 2012

Bright Lights, Cold City

My co-worker knows I'm a runner (probably because I talk about running way too much), so when she saw the November 2012 issue of Competitor magazine, she grabbed me a copy.

I don't usually read Competitor, but I was instantly impressed with it. There are lots of great articles and very few ads. I will definitely be reading more of this magazine in the future.

As it's now getting dark in Boston at 4pm, the "Running in the Dark" section especially piqued my interest. They had a ton of cool night gear. I instantly was drawn to the yellow down pullover. Most of my night gear is pretty thin, and most of my cold weather gear is dark colored. (Have I just missed the bright AND warm clothing or does it not exist?)

I was not surprised to see that Lululemon was the creator of this pullover, as their clothing is so smart. I swear any workout clothing issue I can think of, they somehow seem to overcome. Like how I would love to run in just a sports bra when it's hot out, but I would die before showing off my pale flabby tummy. Oh hey, they designed a breezy running singlet/sports bra combo that tackled this problem and was cute to boot.

Anyway, I instantly popped over to the Lululemon website, but couldn't find the pullover. I utilized their handy chat feature and a friendly rep named Jill told me that it wasn't out yet. She did sign me up for new product alerts so that I would find out when it's available. How helpful is that?!

Do you have favorite night gear or winter gear? Or (gasp) winter night running gear?

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