Thursday, September 27, 2012

Show House

On Monday, I went to a General Membership Meeting for the Boston Junior League. I can't believe this is already my 5th year as part of the League!

I primarily joined the Junior League as a way to meet women in the city and to have the opportunity to attend fun events at exciting places around the city. As a member I found that hands-down my favorite part has been the community service aspect!

Each year JLB members are given a placement and become part of a committee with a specific mission. I've always been a part of one of the community service committees and taken away so much from each placement. I worked a personal shopper for Dress for Success Boston, and eventually lead this committee for two years. I also served as part of the League's Kids in the Kitchen initiative, and this year I am on the Healthworks Foundation placement. While each of these placements had their own goals, they all ultimately are geared toward improving the community. What's not to love about that?

The League is a non-profit and hosts a variety of fundraisers to help it fund the volunteer training and operation costs that go into these and other community projects. This year, the Junior League of Boston is bringing back one of its most popular fundraisers, the Show House!

Ever since I joined the League, I've heard about Show House, but this is the first time they've held one since I've been a member. The basics of this Show House are that 35 designers have donated their time to transform a historic home in Newton. Each has decorated a space in the home, and for one month the house is open to the public for viewing! If you're in the Boston area Oct. 16th- Nov. 18th, buy a ticket to see the house and to support the Junior League of Boston!

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