Friday, September 28, 2012

New Habits

When it comes to habits I want to develop or want to break, the list is endless. Take the task of healthy living, for example. This consists of tons of habits in itself. Going to bed earlier, working out more, eating more vegetables, skipping dessert, etc. Just listing it all out sends my head spinning. It's no wonder that every time I give myself the task of "being healthier" that ultimately something breaks down and I fall into old habits.

Months ago I read a post on one of my favorite blogs the No Meat Athlete. Matt wrote a post titled Limitless. I highly encourage reading it, but basically my take away was that rather than try to conquer numerous goals at once, just take a month at a time to adjust to each new habit. As Matt stated, if you change one habit a month, then in three years you'll be up to 36 new habits.  Heck, after a year you'll have 12 new habits!

The post really resonated with me, but there was always some excuse not to try something new, to hold on to old habits, or to the need to try to correct everything all at once. With October starting Monday, I feel ready to tackle a new habit. Even now, knowing that baby steps are the key, I find myself unable to pick one habit for October. Do I want to bring my lunch every day or do I want to wake up earlier? Should I try to foam roll each day or do I want to start by kicking my soda habit? So many decisions!

Right now, my thoughts are to start waking up earlier. It's no secret that I've struggled with becoming an AM gym-goer, but it's something I really want to conquer. I know that preparing everything the night before doesn't cut it. Classes help but still doesn't always give me the push that I need. Even knowing that is my one and only chance to get in a workout doesn't do the trick.

In the spirit of baby steps, I will take one Monday morning. I will simply wake-up one hour earlier. I don't have to go to the gym (though there is a spin class I'd love to attend), my primary goal is just to wake-up. I'm hoping that just forcing myself to get out of bed will be a step in the right direction. I mean the choice between snuggling in bed with Rob or getting out of my warm bed to push myself through a workout is a hard choice. If I'm already out of my comfy bed, maybe it won't be so hard of a choice.

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