Friday, August 24, 2012

Kindle for the Win

For the record, I love my Kindle. I love that it's so portable and light. It makes it perfect for reading on the T or traveling. I also love how as soon as I finish a book, I can instantly start reading another.

I discovered yet another reason to love my Kindle last night. I got the gym about a half hour before Body Pump, so I hit up the elliptical for some cardio. I am in the middle of an interesting book, so I brought it along in the hopes I could read while working out.

I've never been really good at reading while on any sort of machine. I'm usually bopping around too much to really focus, but I keep seeing other women pull it off. I honestly just felt like zoning out on the machine with a good book, so I decided to give it another shot.

Sure enough I got on and couldn't focus, just when I thought it was a lost cause I remembered that you can adjust the font size on the kindle. After a one that was too big and one that was too small, I found just the right font. I was able to read a chapter before Body Pump, while getting in a good sweat. Win!

Do you read while working out?

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