Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Half Marathon Clinic

Last night Jane and I went to the B.A.A.'s first training clinic for their fall half marathon.

It was pretty much the same as their 10K clinic that I attended in the spring. They had a training plan available, Bill Rodgers spoke, and then there was some Q&A. There was definitely a shift in focus from just running a race to running distance race. I'm glad I went, but I don't think I really took anything away from the night.

After, my attempt at winging training for the Run to Remember totally failed me, I want to go in more prepared for the B.A.A.'s race. I was hoping to get a good training plan last night, because the ones they developed for the 10k were pretty good. The ones for the half? Not so much...

They have a good first-timer half marathon plan that's really basic, then it jumps to intermediate and advanced. I consider myself intermediate at this point, but man that plan is hard!! I think it skewed much more toward advanced than my skill level.

This got me and Jane talking in general how there doesn't seem to be any really good training plans out there for once you've completed your half marathon. There often is a jump from beginner to advanced which leaves mid-level runners like us a bit clueless.

Have you had any luck with half marathon training plans?

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