Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gym Buddies


My muscles are sore from a great Body Pump class last night. Recently, I hadn't really been challenging myself with weight, so last night, I stepped it up on most of the tracks. I'm so glad that I did! Makes me feel like I've gotten the most out of my workout!

The most exciting part of the class was that I ran into a friend who was signed-up for the same class! Not only was it fun to chat with someone while waiting for the class to start, but we helped each other by grabbing equipment. I'd forgotten how great it is to have a gym buddy!

I almost missed seeing my friend though. I totally have blinders on at the gym, and didn't notice her when I went to fill up my water bottle or when I was standing almost across from her waiting for the class to start! Whoops!

Are you aware of your surroundings at the gym or are you oblivious like me?

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