Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cloud 9!

Whooooo! One of my best friends is engaged to the love of her life! 

The happy couple at my wedding
Here's a little secret: I think I'm more excited over my friend's engagement than I was for my own. I think it's because it took me awhile to full grasp that I was engaged. I had the ring on my finger, but I just couldn't believe it was mine. Also, I knew there was a marathon of work ahead in planning my wedding. Anyway, I know they have a lifetime of happiness ahead, and who doesn't want that for their best friend?

Before meeting up to celebrate with the bride-to-be, I hit up the gym to do a treadmill workout. I did 5 minutes of warm-up, then did 8mph for 3 minutes, walked for 1 minute, did 8.5 for 2 minutes, walked 1 minute, did 9 for 1 minute, walked, and did 10mph for 30 seconds and walked for 1 a minute and a half, then I did it in reverse ending with 3 minutes of 8mph and a 5 minute cool down. It was a quick but sweaty workout.

Body Pump is on the agenda for tonight, so I'm looking forward to another sweaty workout!

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