Friday, August 10, 2012

Chasing Usain Bolt

People have Olympic fever! I haven't quite caught it though. I kind of fail and forget it's on. Like last night, I watched Project Runway rather than track and field. Ooops!

I did see Usain Bolt dash his way to gold in the 100 meters the other night. So did my co-worker. This prompted my co-worker to inquire how fast I could do the 100 meter race. As a distance runner with no track experience, I had no clue. He was in awe over the fact that where as in many events, the skill level between the Olympians and the average man is a world of difference, but in the 100m it's only a matter of seconds. 10 seconds could be the threshold of average and legend.

Inspired by Bolt, my co-worker declared that Friday he and I would run 100 meters. So this morning before work, we headed to the Esplanade. I mapped out 100m with my Garmin, and we timed one another.

I'm sure it was entertaining for all the bikers, walkers, and joggers who saw us in our mock event. Some dude even told me "good job." Oddly enough, I wasn't embarrassed. Maybe because once people have seen you after running 20 miles, you don't care if they see you looking much more refreshed at 100m?

Anyway, I came in at a little over 20 seconds. Not fast by any means, but I don't think it's terrible. (Though honestly I have no idea) I think I could go faster, so I want a rematch in a few weeks. Can't keep this time up on the board.

"The board?" you say. Why yes, remember the wedding board? As the weddings are over, clearly the natural thing to do is to replace it with 100m sprint times.

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