Friday, July 6, 2012

Why I should always wear a helmet

Every work day, I head to the T to commute to work. It's about a 10 minute walk. Standard boring "I'm going to work" stuff. I've been walking this exact route for over a year now, and with the exception of grabbing samples from street team promotions people, spotting event set-up, or interacting with local crazy people, the walk has been fairly uneventful. Until this morning.

There's one corner I cross that's right by the train station and a Starbucks. There's a bus stop there as well, so it's always crowded in the mornings. Plus it's by a busy street, so there's always a wait to cross. This morning I stood on the curb waiting for the walk signal. There's a mailbox directly across from the corner, so I was rummaging through my bag to get a reply card to a friend's wedding ready to mail. Next thing I knew, my feet we slipping the the ramp that is built into the curb. Suddenly I was sitting on the ramp, sliding into the street, with my sundress around my waist. As if this wasn't awesome enough, there were about 30 people in clear view of my fall.

What could I do but pull down my dress, adjust my sunglasses and laugh at myself as a handful of people asked me if I was okay. I think I would have rather they ignored me, and let me pretend that no one saw what cut my undies were. The one exception to this is the woman who walked next to me and said "That's not the first time that happened, and probably won't be the last." Thanks random woman for making me feel like I'm not the only girl out there who need to make knee pads and a helmet permanent accessories.

I swear it looks more traumatic in person.

Beyond the bruised ego, I got a few scrapes. And that reply card? Sooo bent. I think this was karma telling me I should have gone for that morning run. I swear, I'm going after work! Hopefully no helmet will be required.

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