Monday, July 23, 2012

Seaside Workouts

Last Thursday, Rob and I had the pleasure of heading out to southern California for a friend's wedding. We got in late that night, and couldn't see much more from our window than the stars in the sky.

Friday morning, I woke up bright and early and was dying to see our view. I peeked out through the curtains and could see miles of the Pacific ocean.

The receptionist at check-in had mentioned walking paths along the resort edge, and upon seeing the view, I couldn't wait to get out and explore. I threw on my running gear and went out the door. I eventually found my way down to the path (this resort was huge!), and I started to jog. I'll admit, during that first half mile, I wasn't running so much as jogging from one photo opp to the next!

It was a little over half a mile when I reached the end of the resort's trail. I knew I wanted to go at least 3 miles, so I figured I could at least follow the road. It was a long the ocean, so I knew at least I could still enjoy the view. I came upon the entrance to an ecological preserve and thought that would be cool to run around, but then I saw the steep downward incline and thought better of that plan.

I kept along the road. It was hot and getting boring, but I noticed a couple of walkers and figured I was safe at least. It wasn't too far after the preserve that I came across a great little trail along the ocean that was perfect for my workout!

 I just kept wanting to explore more and more, and ended up getting to a parking lot along the trail.

At that point I was 2.5 miles into the run and figured the lot would be as good as anywhere to turn around. Upon leaving the parking lot, I saw a sign warning against rattle snakes. Just what you want to see at your turn around point.

Shrieking and running away is okay, right?
The weather and the scenery certainly kept me happy, so my pace felt quick. Though I definitely blew it by stopping for more photos.

The way back to the hotel felt fast, and I was sad to end my run. I jogged around the resort a bit to officially hit my 5 miles, and while exploring I noticed a group on a patio facing the ocean on stationary bikes. I had seen "Seaside Spin" listed on the resort's schedule but seeing it in action sealed the deal. I knew I had to go the next morning.

My calves were sore the next day (not sure why) and I was tired from staying up drinking the night before, but I knew I'd never get another chance to take a spin class like this again. So at 7:30, I got out of bed and headed to the gym.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice the fitness center was. It was spacious with tons of equipment, and even personal training available. There was a huge yoga studio with the bikes out back. The bikes were really nice too! Plus there were only 7 people in the class, so we got a ton of personalized attention from the instructor. Best of all was definitely the view!

I know a lot of people don't work out on vacation, but I am so happy that I packed my sneakers and gym clothes with no hesitation. I would have missed out on some truly incredible workouts that ended up being some of my favorite parts of the vacation!

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