Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Times and Good Runs

So I'm totally in love with running. Most of you are probably thinking "Um, duh!" But if running were my boyfriend, recently he and I would be seeing other people.

I've done some great races recently, but have lacked having that truly satisfying run. My passion for running has been a bit dormant recently. I've often opted for a dvd workout or a class at the gym over pounding the pavement, and while I used the summer heat as an excuse, that wasn't the real reason behind my hesitation. Probably the most evident sign of my waned interest is the extremely empty race calendar ahead of me. I am not currently registered for a race until the BAA Half Marathon in October. That's right, no starting lines in sight for TWO MONTHS! Not a big deal for your average bear, but for a girl who recently raced twice in one weekend, that's a sign.

But enough about the past. This weekend was incredible for many reasons. Mostly because I got to spend lots of time with some of my favorite people. Also because I had two fantastic runs.

Saturday morning, I did a 5k with some good friends. One of these ladies was running her first race, and I was so excited to be there as she crossed the finish line. Not only was it a nice course by the Charles River, but we got to chat the whole time and even had some fabulous friends on the sidelines to cheer us on. Plus we wore matching t-shirts and I got to break in a new running skirt. Score!

Team Toasty!!

After running there was a weekend filled with awesomeness. I had the pleasure of attending the best bridal shower ever, a fun night of wine and board games, and a million laughs in between.

Sunday morning, I had to say good-bye as I was off to celebrate the upcoming marriage of two other friends. After some entertaining games and lots of delicious food, I came home and napped for a bit. Having fun is tiring!

Post nap, the husband and I took a stroll. I watched envious of all the runners who passed us and whined about how I should probably go for a run too. I was feeling sluggish and was tempted to just veg on the couch when we returned home. Rob convinced me to just go for a quick run, and I'm so happy I listened! I got out on the road and everything just felt right. Some great music came on my ipod and my planned 3 miles turned into a little over 4. I held a pace of 8:39 minute miles! This is speedy for me, so I was thrilled. Nothing like a fast pace to make you fall in love all over again!

Body pump is on the agenda for this evening, but I'm tempted to knock out a few miles first!

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