Friday, June 22, 2012

When the Universe Gives You Cupcakes...

I am still sore from my body pump class night. Because it's smart to go all out on Thursday when you have two races over the weekend. So smart.

So the world had a funny sense of humor. I got out of my gym and directly across the street was a cupcake truck.

Apparently my workout was just paying it forward. I had worked really hard, and I've actually never gotten a cupcake from the truck before (though I swear it sometimes stalks me). I decided to splurge and got a cupcake!

While I was hoping for something peanut butter related, there weren't any flavors that fit that bill. I "settled" for the Somerville Sensation, which is an espresso cupcake with fluff filling and nutella frosting.

I ate a big spinach salad before hand and really filled myself up with nutritious veggies. I saved the cupcake for an evening treat. Well worth the wait!

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