Friday, June 1, 2012

Marathons and Free Donuts

Four years ago today I ran my very first marathon!!

I learned a lot about myself and running thanks to that race. Nothing like your first marathon! I loved how every long distance run was a new personal long distance for me. I would love to say I was hooked after that race, but I am pretty sure that if I hadn't already entered the NYC lottery, I would never have run another marathon. The San Diego race was tough, and there were times when I just wanted to give-up. I teared up at the finish when I finally saw my #1 cheerleader Carla. It was certainly an epic trip.

I actually owe it all to my good friend Erin! Thank you!

And the opposite of marathon is free donut day at Dunkies!

Yum! I actually remember free donut day last year was our moving day! I woke up early to treat myself to an iced coffee and got a free donut! Can't believe we've been in our apartment for about a year. It's as if today is a double anniversary. Think I will celebrate with a donut!

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