Thursday, June 21, 2012

Get Comfortable

This morning, I saw a woman running. She looked very uncomfortable, and not because of the heat. You could tell that her chest was not very well supported. I've often heard the workout mantra "change is uncomfortable," but that's not what they mean!

I recently discovered Moving Comfort sports bras, and I really wanted to share my discover with this woman. Since that would be really awkward and inappropriate, I will just share with all of you!

On top: the Fiona Bra and On Botton: the Rebound Racer

 For awhile I'd been hearing great things about the Moving Comfort brand. Sports bras aren't cheap and I had some perfectly okay ones at home so never felt a need to spend the money. A sale at City Sports finally inspired me to purchase the popular Fiona style bra.

I instantly fell in love! The clasp back made it easy to get on and off. (no more getting stuck in a sticky, sweaty sports bra and flailing around in the locker room, hoorah!) I just bought a boring practical white one, so I instantly went online to purchase another one of the many available colors. I went with the blue, and also opted to try out another even more supportive style. I went with the Rebound Racer. This has a racer back and is perfect for running. Both bras have adjustable straps which help you customize the fit. I read online reviews that said the band on the Rebound Racer run small, but I didn't find that to be true.

Anyway, I highly recommend either of these bras, and I've also heard wonderful things about the Juno style bra. (Particularly for women who are blessed with more up top than I have). I can only hope that someone shares similar information with the runner from this morning.

I wore one of my Fiona bras last night while working out to the Beach Babe DVD. I did the HIIT workout, followed by the Bikini Abs, and the Long & Lean routines. The Bikini Abs was pretty good, and I loved finishing off my workout with the Long & Lean workout. It's like a quicky yoga session that stretches all the areas I need! I think it would be perfect to throw on after a long run.

The one negative comment I have is that they run ads for their nutrition plan during the water breaks through out the workout. I am usually busy enjoying my water, but didn't grab some before yesterday's workout, so I noticed the ads. Not really a big deal but if you're the kind of person who hates advertising (like my father), then maybe not the DVD for you.

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  1. We own the same sports bra now! (the boring white one)