Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Recap

Another Monday is here! I know I say this every single month, but I really can't believe it's the middle of May already!

This weekend was nice. A good combo of busy and relaxing.

Saturday, Carla and I volunteered at the Dress for Success Power Walk. I have a few photos ofrom the event, but of course, I left my camera at home. So I'll write more on the Power Walk later. For now I leave you with this beauty.

Cargo: Volunteer Rockstars

My legs were tired this week. In fact, Friday night I took a body pump that kicked my butt! My muscles were literally shaking during some of the exercises. Between that and being on my feet all morning at the Power Walk, I decided to rest up Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

With no running on the agenda, here are a few non-running related lame things excitement from this weekend:

1. Toilet problem solved! The carpenter had the smart idea of just carving a little nook for the toilet cover.

Add caption

2. I enjoyed a great German Riesling, courtesy of my friend Erin.

It's really bright in this photo but I promise it was like 7pm at this point

3. I got to use our fancy new wine opener. Love wedding gifts! And now my penguin opener has a friend.

I like tools that are useful and cute!

I headed out on to our balcony to sit with my wine, and promptly broke our chair and spilled my wine. Perhaps this is a sign that I should have gotten my big booty to the gym!!

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