Thursday, May 17, 2012

Power Walk

The Dress for Success Boston Power Walk was last Saturday in South Boston. The goal of the walk was to raise awareness and money for the Boston boutique.

As a volunteer, we had to arrive by 7am for set-up. I was not excited by this early time, but at least it was a gorgeous day and this helped me make the most of it! Plus Carla was volunteering and knowing you're seeing one of your best friends makes any experience more enjoyable.

We arrived and were put to work unloading a truck, organizing t-shirts, setting-up a kids activity table, and other tasks to get ready for the walkers' arrival.

Before I knew it, they were starting the pre-walk warm-up lead by a local personal trainer. I was assigned to be a course marshal during the race. My post was about a mile into the course. All this meant was I held a sign with an arrow directing people where to go. I headed to my post about 30 minutes to the start and waited for the walkers.

It was certainly a gorgeous day, so people were out and about running, walking, biking and playing with their dogs. Perfect for people watching!

Okay so this doesn't show it being busy, but it was. Really.

After about 45 minutes the last of the walkers had passed me. The course was one big circle, so I headed back to the start so we could cheer on the finishers. I grabbed Carla along the way, and we enjoyed our own power walk to the finish area.

Katie from Wicked Fit was there, and she was pretty friendly and was talking with the Executive Director of DFS on how she'd mention the walk on her twitter account and such!

There wasn't much to do post-race. We helped clean up a bit and then were on our way.

Overall the walk was a success! (no pun intended) Thousands were raised for the boutique, and the DFS staff seemed pleased. I am sure they were relieved to see all their hard work pay off!

If you're interested in learning more about Dress for Success Boston, click here to visit their website.

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