Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Interest in Pinterest

Okay, so I admit, I never really got on the Pinterest bandwagon. I think it'd be great for wedding planning, but it came along a bit too late in the game for my wedding. Besides that, I didn't really see the point.

Then I discovered workouts...

Thanks to my newly created "Fitness" board, I have a go to list of workouts that I can print and take with me to the gym. I've found that if I hit up the gym without a trainer or a class, then I definitely need a plan!

I used one of my new found workouts at the gym last night.

Boy was I a sweaty mess after! I will definitely being doing this one again! I've tried doing treadmill workouts like this before, but always from memory, which just doesn't work for me. My memory sucks. Having the printed copy was the perfect reference.

And thanks to on demand programming, I was able to catch-up on the Big Bang Theory. Being able to focus on just the program and not trying to remember what speed I needed to do at what time made the workout that much more enjoyable!

Also good for the fitness board? Motivational pins!

Ok, so my first thought when debating going for a run will not be to look up motivation on Pinterest. However, these mantras will stick with me, and hopefully they will give me the extra push when needed.

Are you a Pinterest addict? What do you use it for?

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