Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting into Yoga

I have a love/hate relationship with yoga.

As a cardio-junkie, I tend to shy away from things that don't get my heart rate to climb. So it wasn't love right away for me and yoga. Looking back, this makes sense. I was going to an "all levels" class, and either couldn't do certain poses or didn't know what they were. Eventually I realized that no matter how I felt during those classes, I always left feeling great. My attitude was better. I felt relaxed. My muscles felt loose.

Since starting my practice about a year ago, I've gotten more comfortable. I've gone to many different teachers at different studios. I have favorite poses and have a few that I continue to work toward. Yoga may not be my favorite workout, but I enjoy attending a class a few times a month. My body has come to crave it, and often it is just the restoration I need.

After Sunday's pitiful race, I spend most of Monday icing achy muscles and hanging out on the couch. Yesterday I was ready to get active again, but felt my body wasn't quite ready to run. There was a slow flow yoga class at my gym last night, and I debated all day about going.

The class was a mix of easy and relaxing poses with some really challenging ones thrown in. It was an interesting contrast, and there were definitely women of all abilities in that room. By the time I left, I knew I had made the right call. I feel much better today and hopefully will make it out for a run this evening.

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