Monday, May 7, 2012

Crashing the Walk for Hunger

Wow, the weekend totally flew by!!

I really did nothing this weekend. I ran. I read. I watched tv, and I ran some more.

Friday night, I went out to Plymouth to do a pub run with Erin. We ran the same route as the Jenney Grist Mill 5K. I've never run the race before (and I believe it's now called something different), but the course had an "off road" feel that I loved. It was beautiful running by Morton Park, and the hilly terrain was a good challenge for me. You can check out the route here.

Saturday was uneventful. I finished Jodi Picolt's Lone Wolf. It was the first of her books that I have read, and I thought it was great! I can see why her books are best sellers!

Sunday, I lounged around most of the morning, before finally heading out on a run. With the Run to Remember half marathon coming up, I had 10 miles in store for the day. I wasn't feeling it, but I desperately wanted to take my new shoes for a spin.

I think all runners know that you're not supposed to try out new things on long runs, but these are the updated model of the Brooks Defyance, which I've been running in for about a year and a half. So I figured I was ok.

Even though I was going pretty far, I didn't want to carry water with me. So I decided to stay near where I knew there was water. I started off by circling the Public Garden and the Commons before heading out to the Esplanade.

It was a cool but sunny day, perfect for running! No surprise there were plenty of people out and about. I ran up to the Cambridge Street Bridge (about 5 miles) before heading over to the Cambridge side of the bridge. Little did I realize I was running right into the middle of the Walk for Hunger!

This event is really popular, so I was weaving a bit through the crowd for the next 3/4 of a mile.  The path on this side of the river is next to the busy Memorial Drive, and the path is fairly narrow. It was quite challenging! I was tempted to stop at the walk's "check point" to grab some water, but my conscious told me I could wait.

Before I knew it, I had made it to the next bridge and immediately got out of the way of the walkers! Thankfully, this put me just a short distance away from a water fountain. Around 6.5 miles, I found a water fountain and ate an orange Gu. The flavor was just ok, but it gave me the juice I needed to finish out my run.

Around mile 8 or so I started feeling tired. I knew I could easily finish up 2 miles, so I kept at it and managed to finish!

A 9:29 mile pace. Not fast enough to break a 2 hour half, but maybe some race day adrenaline will push me through? And I'm sure I can shave off some time by not running over around charity walkers.

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