Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brownies for Game Night

Last night's boot camp was tough. (Nothing new) My shoulders were still sore from the 110 push-ups we did Monday. Yup. 110!

Yesterday, we did lots of stairs. Lots and lots of stairs. We also did quite a few tricep focused moves, and I finished off the workout with a half mile run. I discovered the treadmills now show landscapes like Chicago, LA, the Swiss Alps, and the Black Forest. I can't wait to check these out! Great inspiration to get me to the gym!

After boot camp, I got myself cleaned up and headed to Carla's for game night! We played "Cards Against Humanity" which was hilarious! I would say that this game was perfect for our crowd, but I noticed the tagline is "a game for horrible people"... Hmmmm

I also stuffed my face with chips, dip, cheese, and wine. Yum! Carla is a wonderful hostess!

Game night gave me the perfect excuse to try a recipe for Red Velvet Brownies with a White Chocolate Buttercream. I made a few alterations (like adding a dash of salt to the frosting and using less sugar, since the author commented how sweet the frosting was). I also took the traditional route of mixing wet ingredients first and mixing the dry ingredients separately, and adding the food coloring last. Maybe this is why my brownies didn't come out super red?

I also cheated a bit with the frosting, using white chocolate chips. The store didn't have white chocolate in bar form, so I had to work with what they had. Shhhh, don't tell!

Using chips when the recipe states not to... I would never!
I was also really excited to use one of our wedding gifts. A cute square baking dish. While it was great for the brownies, it would be an excellent oven-to-table piece! Perfect for entertaining.

I also used this adorable cake tester.

I like the written reminder, in case I forget its purpose
I am happy to report the brownies were well received. Only two remained at the end of the evening!

My brownies, hanging out on Carla's stylish platter

Game Night was so much fun, but I totally crashed as soon as we got home. I am dragging this morning, but hopefully I'll get a second wind. After all, I have a date with a treadmill!

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