Thursday, May 24, 2012


This week has been like Christmas. Sort of. I went on a bit of an online shopping spree, so I've been getting a lot of packages in the mail this week.

I came home from BarSculpt yesterday (more on that in a minute) and found my BIC Bands had arrived! I fell in love with BIC Bands when Jane gave me one awhile ago. They are great at holding my hair back. They don't move during workouts. The best part? They're super cute!

Since I am taking a rest day today, I was sad that I'd have to wait to wear one of my new headbands. In fact, I disliked that so much that I ended up wearing one to work today.

Even better? I remembered I own sparkly flip flops in a similar color. It's sandal weather today so I figured I'd tie my "look" together.

Now that I've bored dazzled you with my sparkles, let's talk BarSculpt.

I finally went to my first BarSculpt class last night after hearing raves about about The Bar Method and Barre classes. BarSculpt is my gym's version of these, and I figured why not check it out.

Right out the gate, we started with mountain climbers. With socks (or towels if you left your socks at home like a donkey). On the hardwood floor. I had to stop a couple of times. I am not a fan of Mountain Climbers anyway, and it was a little too intense of a start for me.

After that, we used these little baby weights. They were 1 or 2lbs and were yellow or pink. Total "Barbie weights."  Honestly, I was skeptical that these weights would do anything for my muscles.

The exercises ended up being fast paced with little rest. The constant motion of totally new moves worked new muscles and left me surprisingly fatigued. I wish I'd had some heavier weights for things like kickbacks and rows. I'm used to using about 10lbs more for those exercises, but oh well.

We then started using the bar, doing plie type squats. My quads were burning by the end! I was happy when we moved on to do ab work.

Overall I was not a huge fan of the class. I am a cardio junkie, so that wasn't very surprising to me. It reminded me of the first few times I did yoga, where I left not feeling like I worked out but still knew certain muscles were fatigued. I found it hard to pick-up some of the moves, so I would probably enjoy the class more if I knew what I was doing. I did enjoy trying something different, and I enjoyed that it was challenging. I am willing to go a few more times to get the hang of things. I probably won't go back to this particular class, as it was hard making it on time from work and I will definitely need to get in my cardio beforehand!

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