Monday, April 23, 2012

Will Run for Wine

Happy Monday!

I enjoyed the weekend with a little wine on Friday, lots of Gossip Girl on Saturday, and running on Sunday!

The wine was from an event called Wine Riot, put on by a company called The Second Glass. The company's mission is to basically make wine and discovering wine fun. The Wine Riot is an event where about 40 different wineries and vendor come and have their wine available for tasting.

Last year, I discovered Jam Jar, a sweet shiraz from South Africa, and it was again a favorite. There was also a Jam Jar moscato that was quite tasty! I also really enjoyed the wines from Main Mead Works. They use honey in their wine, which gave it interesting flavor. I tried their Blueberry Mead, Semi Sweet Mead, Lavender Mead, Dry Mead and Dry Hopped Mead. The Dry Hopped Mead actually tasted quite a bit like beer, which was surprising! They are located in Portland, so I would love to make a road trip up there some time!

Another notable find was Mionetto Il Spr!z. It's a semi-sparkling wine with orange and herbs. It tasted a bit like orange soda, but better. I think this would be a fun summer drink.

How am I able to remember all these wines? The Wine Riot had a cool app that allows you to rate what you taste. It's so helpful! Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to remember half of the great wines I sampled! Other fun touches included a temporary tattoo station and a photo booth. We got clued into the secret that a man was proposing to his girlfriend at the photo booth at a specific time, so we were able to witness the happy moment!

My weekend was pretty lame until Sunday morning, when I drove up to Beverly for the Energize the Earth 10K. Jane and I met up there, and both agreed we were under dressed for standing around. I knew we'd be okay once the event started, but we still hid out in my car until closer to the start time. I did manage to get a little tour of the park pre-race. She and her husband had their engagement photos taken there, so she showed me the rose garden and the beach. I never would have ventured over there without her, so I'm happy she had a connection to the location.

The race had a 5k and 10k portion. The 10k route was just the 5k twice, which I was a little bummed about, as I thought it would be boring. Beverly is so cute though, that I barely noticed. I did this race without an ipod, and I loved it! I admit that I totally listened in to other runners' conversations. Nothing juicy was overheard, but just enough of a distraction. I also ran by one girl who was listening to very loud music. I heard Survivor by Destiny's Child, and that definitely was stuck in my head during the race. I hadn't heard it in years, and it's a great running song, so that worked out well.

After the first loop, I noticed I started passing people fairly frequently. Racers of the 5k definitely went out stronger, and I think maybe a lot of the 10k participants went out too fast in the rush. The roads weren't closed, so at one point I was behind a guy on a narrow sidewalk for a few blocks. Around mile 5.5, we turned a corner and headed back into the street. I took the opportunity to push myself a bit harder, and I heard the guy drop the F-bomb. He totally got chicked. If I'd had my music, I might have missed his reaction, which only fueled me to push harder.

I finished in just under 56 minutes with a 9:01 min/mile pace. Not too shabby considering I haven't gone that far since the Disney Marathon.

To end the race, I ran into my freshman year college roommate! I hadn't seen her since we graduated! Her employer was a race sponsor, so she was working and couldn't talk long, but fun to catch up briefly! I don't think I have any races until Memorial Day weekend, though I have to racing bug, so we shall see!

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