Friday, April 6, 2012

Wedding: Practice Makes Perfect

We'll start this one off with a little Pro, Con, Con, Pro...

Pro: Just got back from an amazing honeymoon! 9 nights in St. John. It was awesome.
View of the sunset from our porch

Con: The vacation is over. Back to work Monday...
Con: Didn't make it over to the movie theater  to buy a ticket to the Hunger Games tonight, and was informed by my better prepared friends that the movie had already sold out. Drats!
Pro: Found time to write a blog post!

So biggest news is that I'm now MARRIED! Weird! It's already so strange to not be in wedding planning mode. I mean, I think I'd more or less been planning my wedding day since I got Wedding Day Midge. The real planning was like 15 months, which is still quite some time.

I don't really know where to start with the whole thing, but here we go...

The night before we did our rehearsal at the hotel. Until actually running through our mock ceremony, it hadn't really hit me that the wedding was finally here. As we all lined up, and my dad started walking me down the "aisle" was when I started getting a bit nervous. Nothing overwhelming, just a "holy cow, I'm getting married tomorrow!"

After the rehearsal, it was on to dinner! Rob's parents were kind enough to host our families and the wedding party at Joe's American Bar & Grill. It was so fun catching up with my aunts and uncles, many who I hadn't seen in several years!

I admit, I was so busy, I didn't take any photos! But Mrs. Smith really did such a nice job with beautiful place settings, many favors, and a cute photo for people to sign.

Before I knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel. I was a truly lucky bride as 4 of my bridesmaids were going to join me for a pre-wedding sleepover! I am especially fortunate as my bridesmaids surprised me by decorating the door to the hotel room!!

Adorable!! Best bridesmaids ever!
Everyone was pretty beat, so we headed straight to bed. The four girls slept in the full beds in the other room, and I had the sofa bed in the living room all to myself. Which was good, because I couldn't sleep! I read "Mockingjay" until my mom came up. (Side note: my mom closed down the bar many times over the wedding weekend! Go mom!)

Between the mix of excitement and anxiety over wedding day details, I could hardly sleep! And I had to be up early for a very special reason...

More to come later...

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