Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wedding: Getting Ready

I think my first thought when I woke up the morning of March 24th was "Oh my god, I'm getting married today!"

Well actually, I think "hmmm what time is it and how much more 'sleep' can I squeeze in?"

I heard a few voices coming from the next room, and I quickly forgot about sleep and headed over to go see my friends and prepare for a morning run.

Weeks before I'd talked Erin into promising me a pre-wedding run. Nothing crazy, just a few miles to burn some energy and clear my head. Meghan heard and quickly agreed to join us! So Saturday morning we put on our bachelorette party shirts, and headed out. But not without, getting a comment from the doorman about our "Sinner or Saint?" shirts. We must have been quite the site out and about in our hot pink matching outfits.

It was chilly by the water, but it was so fun to chat with Meghan and Erin. We chatted, joked, and laughed, and before I knew it the 30 minute run was over. Man, I wish these ladies lived closer, so we could run together more often!

As we approached the hotel, we saw the doorman step in side. We thought he was just getting ready to open the door, but out he came with three bottles of water ready for our return! I don't think I've said it yet, but it can't be said enough, but the Boston Harbor Hotel was amazing! Their staff was incredibly nice and the rooms were gorgeous! If I could move in there, I would. 

We headed back up to the room, showered, and the girls all checked into their rooms. The excitement definitely started to build (I even answered Carla's phone by shouting at her boyfriend "Matt! I'm getting married today!!" I'm lucky Matt is such a nice guy.) This whole time, at least one of my bridesmaids was around which was such a relief. I loved having some of my favorite people around me throughout the day! 

Again, my bridesmaids rule. Special shout out to Erin, who made us all special medals for our morning race. 
Another shout out to Carla for taking many great photos

Around 11am, the stylists arrived to do our hair and make-up. I've been going to my hairstylist Kashmir for years, and I was so happy she was the one doing my hair on the big day. 

Not only was she fun to talk to her (as always), but as my mom fumbled trying to get itunes on her computer, Kashmir suggested throwing on Pandora. Perfect background noise for the occasion.

She and Lori, her colleague, were so speedy, and I think they did a great job with everyone! We even all got fake eyelashes, which was so fun! I loved Kashmir's advice that if any husbands/boyfriends commented on how great they looked to just say "I'd wear them for you all the time, but they're really expensive!'

A little after noon, we got lunch from Panera delivered. Cheryl's husband Josh totally saved the day by making an emergency Diet Pepsi delivery as we were given regular Pepsi instead. Thanks, Joshie!

opening the gift
Pretty soon, it was 2pm and the hotel event coordinator and wedding planner were checking-in with us.  The photographer arrived and started capturing the day.  Since Rob and I weren't seeing each other until the ceremony, Carla was kind enough to visit Rob's room and give him a gift from me. She came back with a special gift from him. 

I was so thrilled to receive the special pearl drop necklace which was just the finishing touch I needed for the big day! 

The girls soon put on their dresses, and then it was time to put on mine! Again, awesome bridesmaids. They helped me squeeze into my dress, put on shoes, and make all the finishing touches. Love them!

Carla's like a Professional Photographer, I promise I didn't look nearly this good
We took a few group shots and then decided to celebrate with a champagne toast! Cheryl brought a bottle of the same kind of champagne that we drank on her big day last April! 
As an extra special touch, she gave me a fun painted wine glass just for the big day!

We had some downtime as the photographer went off to take the photos of groomsmen. One of the bridesmaids noticed the handsome gents down by the water. As our room had a balcony (the only private one in the hotel!), the bridesmaids ran out to say hello.

The lovely ladies shout down
The boys look up to their fans

Shortly after the men had their pictures taken, they got ready to usher in the guests. Soon after, it was time for us to head downstairs for the big event!!

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