Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too Many Cocktails

Some people drunk dial. I prefer to drunk register.

That's right, I officially entered my name into the lottery for the NYC lottery. At 2:30am on Saturday. After a night out at the bar. I blame Erin. And Runner's World, which I finally had time to read on the honeymoon. It really renewed my interest in running and racing. Good timing as race season is finally here and I have a 5k this weekend and a 10k next weekend!

I ran the NYC marathon 3.5 years ago. It was an amazing experience! Not only is it an incredible race, but it was my birthday, I PRed, and I was photographed and interviewed for the Runner's World website! Not to mention I had some amazing friends who came to cheer me on--with a bunny shaped sign! Not sure I can top that experience!

Erin and I are also looking for a fall marathon to do in case we don't get into NY. We're thinking Philly? The jury is still out on this. Apparently we both feel a need to do a fall marathon.

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  1. Do Philly, because I think me and Christen and Anna are doing the Philly half and they are prob at the same time ;)