Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Sweet Smell of Honeymoon

I love hotel toiletries. The quality of bath products totally factors into my evaluation of a place. I will often snag a lotion for the road that I'll keep in my purse and use for a month after the hotel stay. Our honeymoon was no different. I grabbed a lotion, which I've been keeping at my desk at work.

The first time I used it in Boston, the fragrance immediately brought me back to our honeymoon. I didn't realize it on the vacation, but I used excessive amounts of this lotion every night, trying to make my spray tan last or hydrating skin dried from the sun. I was surprised to have such a strong link between the trip and the scent. Now at work, when I put a little of the white tea aloe lotion on my hands, I am reminded of St. John and the happy trip Rob and I had.

The bottle is fairly small and near the end, so I started plotting how to make it last or could I find a lotion with a similar perfume? That's when I saw the bottle had the Westin shop website listed on it. Sure enough, the lotion is available for purchase (along with numerous other white tea aloe products like shampoo and candles) Smart thinking Westin!

Any particular smells remind you of something specific?

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