Monday, April 16, 2012

Marathon Prep and the BAA 5K

I wrote two fabulous posts last week, that I just noticed never actually posted. FAIL!

In other news, this past weekend was the weekend I look forward to all year... the weekend of the Boston Marathon!

For the past week, I've seen workers blocking off streets and preparing the set-up for the finish. There was even a pop-up Boston Marathon merchandise tent in Copley Square!

Friday after work, I kicked off the weekend by heading to the Marathon Expo to pick-up my number for Sunday's 5k.

I'll admit, I'm usually a bit overwhelmed by the giant expos and this was no different. There were tons of exhibitors and tons of people and tons of Boston merchandise. It got me so excited, and even though I couldn't run the 26.2 on Monday, I was happy to be racing something!

I saw Bart Yasso at the Runner's World booth, checked out cute outfits at the Running Skirts booth, and bobbed my head to the music at the Lululemon crate. I also bought a couple cute headbands before heading home to get ready for a wine and cheese night with the girls.

For the record wine + cheese + cupcakes = an awesome Friday night. In short, a recipe for awesome. Rob hadn't been feeling to well, and on the T ride home that night, my throat started hurting. I knew I was catching a bug.

Saturday morning, I woke up feeling fairly sick. I took a few Dayquil and headed off to Kids in the Kitchen. We taught the girls about portion size, did pilates, and cooked up a healthy lunch. I spent the rest of the day in bed or on the couch. Around 8:30 pm, I was feeling a bit better, so Rob and I met up with a couple friends for a drink. Wasn't until I ordered a Sam Summer that I saw this:

Um a Marathon beer? AMAZING! The Boston Marathon and beer go surprisingly well together, so I'm happy that Sam Adams seized the opportunity.

The next morning, I met up with Jane for the BAA 5K! I love this race. The marathon energy is in the air, and you get to run through downtown Boston!

The race starts in Copley and takes you up around the Public Garden and the Boston Common. There's one long hill, but otherwise, not a bad course.

I ran this race its first two years, but took last year off as I was out of town for a wedding. I had forgotten how crowded the race is! Jane and I started toward the back of the pack. While I had hoped to finish around 25 minutes, I knew the cold would make that impossible. I hadn't decided if I wanted to push myself or not. I started with Jane and was enjoying talking to her, but shortly after we crossed the timing mat, she turned to me and said "Go be fast!" Jane's a smart girl, so I took off.

I had to weave around the crowd, which is always wasted energy, but it was interesting to see the various people in the crowd. I saw a man dressed as a toothbrush, runners running blindfolded with escorts (they were with a charity for the blind), and families running together.

Around mile 2, I felt really tired. My legs still felt great, but it was tough to breathe. I knew I had a sub 25 min 5K, but that was not going to be the day. I still gave it what I could. Turning the corner onto Boylston, we could see the Boston Marathon banner marking the finish line. This 5K crosses the actual Marathon finish line, which is inspirational. I pushed myself and finished in 27 minutes and 36 seconds.

I loved the medal, and they had great giveaways at the finish. With a race under my belt, I was ready and excited to cheer on the Marathon runners the next day!

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