Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Bagel Friday

So happy it's Friday! Even better, it's Bagel Friday!

My office celebrates Friday by all getting bagels together. Things have changed over the years, staff members have left and others now work from home. Now, Bagel Friday is usually just me and my boss.

Why yes, I do have a Dilbert cartoon about Bagel Friday at my desk

With my boss on vacation and the other employees working at home, I am alone in the office today. I figured I could use the opportunity to get exactly what I wanted. I'm currently obsessed with Panera's blueberry cream cheese and have been craving a Starbucks latte. They're a couple stores down from each other, so it was easy to grab my bagel, stuff it in my purse and head over to get coffee.

Mmmmm, that's a very happy Friday treat! Volunteering, drinking, and running are on the agenda for this weekend. Hope everyone out there has a great weekend!

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