Friday, April 20, 2012

Free Fitness Opportunities

Did you guys hear about the guy who finished the Boston Marathon on his hands?

Pretty awesome, right? Though on the Runner's World website, they point out that the guy's number is on the back of his leg and upside down. So spontaneous? No. Awesome? Yes.

He finished the Boston Marathon in that heat, and still managed to have a memorable finish. Good for that guy.

In other fitness news, did you all know that Lululemon stores offer free classes? To find your local store, visit the Lululemon website. Click on the store name and a calendar of store events will pop up. The stores near me have upcoming classes for yoga, boot camp, and zumba. They also have weekly running clubs. It sounds like an affordable new way to mix-up anyone's workout routine. I hope to check out one of the events in the future!

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