Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day on a Farm

Oh another Monday is here, marking the end of a great weekend!

Saturday started bright and early with Kids in the Kitchen! This week, we worked with the girls to quickly make some veggie sandwiches in mini pitas, bagged veggie chips and grapes. We needed a nice portable lunch, because we were headed out on a field trip to Brookwood Community Farm!

We got to the farm and were greeted by Maggie, a farmer at Brookwood. She was great with the girls (and the volunteers too, as I'm pretty sure we had just as many questions!) We started out by visiting the greenhouse. They plant the seedlings and grow them in here until they are ready to be planted outside. It's been pretty chilly up here, and Friday night there had been a frost, so greenhouse was quite full! They also had to cover some of the crops to keep them warm enough.

After the greenhouse we walked around the field. We saw herbs like thyme, and the girls tried mint picked right from the ground. One skeptical girl was happy to report "tastes like a mint!"

We also tried radishes, arugula, and onions. We picked garlic, which the girls were curious to smell. I loved that one of the girls stated the the farm clearly had so much garlic to keep the vampires away.

Next we headed over to the bee hives. The girls were a bit nervous, but as another volunteer pointed out, the bees were much more interested in the hive and dandelions than in us. I know that this made me feel better about being only feet away!

Next Maggie taught us how to plant onions! She let the girls get to work, and they seemed to have fun getting dirty. I was really surprised that they trusted the girls to do this chore, but they did a great job! Much better than I did when I took my turn.

We finished up the day by enjoying our lunch on the picnic table. It has been a long time since I've enjoyed a picnic lunch, and I don't know why I don't do it more often! It was so nice to eat out in the sun.

Going to the farm was so much fun! The girls had a blast, and it piqued my interest in signing up for a CSA or Boston Organics. Has anyone done a CSA? What are your thoughts?

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