Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boston Marathon 2012

Today is what I call "Marathon Tuesday." It's the day after the race where a decent amount of the city is hungover, I am voiceless from screaming at runners all day, and you hear people talking about how they almost want to do a marathon. I know I came home and started looking at races, training schedules, and thought about running this morning. Being sick though, I decided to get the extra sleep this morning.

Now on to my marathon recap....

Marathon Monday is my favorite holiday! I stayed up late making a sign and woke up early to head out to Mile 23 in the course.

While waiting for my friends, I ran into Starbucks for an iced coffee and ran into another Junior Leaguer. Both commented on the sunscreen that I was wearing. Guess I put a little too much on? Better to be safe than sorry!

It was HOT out! It was over 80 before noon. Boston actually offered to let runners defer until 2013. The runners of this race were amazing! They hung in despite the heat, and I hope they are holding their head that much higher for finishing what must have been a brutal race!

My friends and I camped out on the curb and watched the wheelchair racers go by. The first place racer was so far ahead of the others! Not only did he win by over 3 minutes, but he set the world record time for the field.

A while later, we saw the pace car approaching. The women elites were on their way! 

Next, it was the turn for the men!

I was unfamiliar with this year's elite field, as most of the famous American runners are prepping for the Summer Olympics. Even though they were unknown to me, I loved seeing the runners! They make it look so easy, and yet they run the full marathon is about the time it takes me to do half the distance. So cool to watch!

After watching the elites, we headed into a local bar for some drinks. Here, I finally got to try the 26.2 Brew!

 It was really good! The perfect drink for Marathon Monday! We watched the race on tv and waited for updates on our runner friends. I got the alert that Rob's sister was at the 30K mark, so I finished my drink and headed out to cheer on the runners.

I had a double sided sign, with "Go Becky, Leanne, Katie!" on one side and "Run Total Stranger Run" on the other. Eventually I spotted Leanne! A friend had hopped in with her, and they were looking great!! I quickly tried to turn my sign around, and after she ran off, I realized that it was upside down. Oooops!

Shortly after, Jane's friend Katie went by...erm flew by! She was rockin' it! We stuck around until about  5pm to see a friend from my old running group. She was in great spirits!

All these women ran for charity, so not only did they train for the long distance, but they raised a ton of money for great causes!

As always, it was so fun cheering on all the runners. I saw former Patriot Tedy Bruschi (running for his charity Tedy's Team) and the mom of Celtics player Ray Allen. I saw the Hoyts and a man "joggling." Truly an inspirational day! I am so inspired; I know I will be running a lot more in the coming weeks!

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