Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black Out

New York City has no power
The milk is going sour
but to me it's not that scary
because I stay away from dairy

- Phoebe Buffay, Friends

Does anyone remember "The One with the Blackout" from Friends? That song was a little number Phoebe came up with while the gang was sitting around the apartment in the dark. Chandler gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with a Victoria Secret model. The gang goes in search of a lost cat, and Rachel meets an Italian guy, which upsets Ross. All more exciting then the Boston Blackout last week.

View from my window. In the middle of the city.

My Boston Blackout involved sitting around and finishing the 2nd book of the Hunger Games series. I was happy to be reading such an entertaining book, otherwise I probably would have been restless like Rob was. He went exploring twice, and I was convinced that leaving me alone meant that a serial killer was going to break into my apartment or looters were going to raid the place. He pointed out that the Apple store would probably be far more tempting to potential looters and that the deadbolt would keep any murderers out. He's a smart man.

It was creepy seeing the normally bustling neighborhood in near total darkness. Our living room is never really dark due to all the street lights that come in through the windows, so it was definitely weird to be stumbling around. We could see the flashes of police lights and hear the sirens wail. We were so close to the action but clueless as to what was happening. Facebook updates, texts from friends, and surfing the internet on our smartphones helped to clue us in, but I admit I felt a bit lost without the tv or my computer.

I suggested we play Scrabble (only board game we have), and Rob agreed...but on our phones. Sort of defeated the purpose of what I was going for. We got halfway through the game before deciding to conserve our batteries.

We were lucky enough to get power around 4am. I was unlucky enough to be startled awake by the bright lights and loud tv. Many places were out of power for days, and there are still generators on some streets and NStar vans all around the neighborhood. The outage definitely crippled Back Bay!

Anyway, the blackout is last week's news. This week's news? BEAUTIFUL spring weather! Let's hope it stays this way through the weekend!

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