Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Toy at the Gym

Good morning everyone! After a stressful week and a snack-filled weekend, I got things started off right yesterday with lots of healthy eating and a 4 mile run! I'm so excited to be training for the BAA 5K. I don't think I've ever really trained for a 5K before, so I'm curious if I can PR!

As part of the training plan, I did some speed work at the gym last week. I'm lucky to go to a gym that updates its equipment fairly frequently. I hopped on one of the new treadmills with a tv screen that looked more like a computer monitor. Here, I discovered Netpulse!

I'm still exploring all that Netpulse has to offer, but basically, you create an account that not only tracks your workouts but gives you access to On Demand tv options and personalized playlists.You can also dock your ipod during your workouts!
I might just be easily impressed, but this definitely makes treadmill workouts more exciting to me! I'll take anything I can get to spice up the dreadmill.

Is there anything new and exciting at your gym that keeps you coming back for more?

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