Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cereal and Serial Races

I am currently obsessed with Peanut Butter Cheerios. I got super excited when I spotted this box at the supermarket last Sunday. The box is already gone. I forgot how much I love cereal! This reminded me of a less sugary peanut butter Captain Crunch. I can't wait to get another box.

Last night, I got home just in time to throw on my yoga clothes, eat a quick snack (aka finishing off the Cheerios) and head over to the gym. I'd hoped to get some cardio in before Slow Flow Yoga, but I just didn't have the time. Oh well.

The class certainly delivered on the slow part. We really focused on each pose, and the instructor took her time in explaining what we should be doing and feeling. We worked a ton on our hips, which was perfect as Disney wasn't too long ago. She kept using the word "brighten" as in "here, you should really feel your inner thigh brighten." In cardio, I believe that's what they call "feeling the burn", though brighten totally sounds better. I was disappointed we didn't do more flow during the class. I realized, last night, that I really like the flow part of yoga. Who knew?

After yoga, I didn't feel like I got much of a workout, so I was tempted to hit the treadmill, but I felt so relaxed from yoga, that I just went home. I decided to squeeze in a bit of cardio before Body Pump this morning. I managed to get in about 10 minutes of intervals before class. Not much, but better than nothing!

Remember that time I complained about not being registered for any races? Well funny thing is today, I got an email announcing the Boston Athletic Association's Distance Medley, where you register for their Spring 5K, Summer 10K, and Fall Half Marathon. Registering for 3 races at once? Yes, please!

B.A.A. Half 2010
I think B.A.A. puts on a great event! They're pricey, but they run right through the heart of Boston, and they have a great energy. I've done the Half 4 times, only missing it last year when it was the same day as the Chicago Marathon. I'm also a huge fan of the 5K, which takes place the day before the Boston Marathon. I did this the first two years, missing it in 2011 due to a wedding. The 10K started last year, and my parents were in town and cheered me on along Comm Ave!
Start of the B.A.A. 5K in 2010

Registration has yet to open, but I am hoping to get a spot! Can't wait to have a few goals on the horizon!

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