Tuesday, January 24, 2012

60 Days...

Happy Tuesday!

Why yes I do have a super cool Scrabble calendar.

You know what day it is? Just TWO months until my wedding day! Pretty nuts!

Definitely crunch time. Happily, last week I did pretty well about going to the gym.

Tuesday- Elliptical
Wednesday- Yoga
Thursday- Body Pump
Saturday- Cardio Circuit
Sunday- Body Pump

I'll admit, my early in the week workouts weren't too intense, but nonetheless, I got my butt moving 5 days last week. I'll take it!

Today it was back to a group training session. I warmed up with a mile on the treadmill, then we did 25 lunges with weights on each leg, then lunge pulses for 30 seconds on each side, chest presses, sit-ups with a military press at the top, push-ups, rows in the plank position, planks, and deadlifts with a row. Then we did it all again and ran another mile. Phew!

There seem like a million other little wedding details (first dance song, table linens, place cards, seating chart) and a couple bigger things (officiant and honeymoon, only one of which we actually need to get married) we have to figure out, but the home stretch is near.

Starting to get a bit stressed thinking about it, so I think it's time for a relaxing shower. Good night!

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