Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Series of Confessions

Welcome to December! I spoke too soon about nice weather, as it is COLD today!

I have a few confessions to make:

1. I am wearing the same dress today that I did Monday.I work in a small office, and it was just me and my boss Monday. Today, he is out and my other co-workers have yet to see the dress (this week). In my defense, the dress is warm, as I mentioned it's cold, and I accessorized with differently today. I'm wearing a black belt and chunky black earrings today, while Monday there was no belt and I work a long necklace and pearl earrings. Night and day, right?

2. I was 20 minutes late to work. It took me way to long to decide if I should wear the belt or not. Like 20 minutes too long. The whole point of wearing the same dress was that it would be a time saver, as my morning workout ran late. FAIL.

3. I am not wearing make-up today. See item 2.

4. My bum hurts. I went to spinning last night. I totally forgot how uncomfortable the seat is. My bum is paying for it today.

5. I still love Ace of Base.  "The Sign" just came on my Pandora, so I'm having a mini dance party at my desk.

6. I am mad at the race photography from not getting better photos of me and my brother. Or rather no one together.

Go Bueges!

I should be blaming Purple Shirt girl. See we were close!
In fact, they went out of the way to make us look like we were miles apart. Seriously I was right next to him. Next time I'm holding his hand. Or better yet, he's giving me a piggy back across the finish. He's going into the Marines next month, where he'll probably have to carry more weight than little ol' me. So this really isn't as cruel as it sounds. Right?

6b. I steal race photos. Whoops....

That's it for today's confessions. (Unless you count that I wish it was Friday, because I do.)

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