Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa, Can You Give Me a Window?

Thursday was a weird day. It started off pretty normal. I went to my group training session at 6am. The trainer announced she's canceling this session for the winter. Apparently not enough people want to head to the gym in the snow to have their butts kicked at 6am. Weird.

Can someone explain why NONE of the cameras are on Santa?
I was late leaving my apartment (I can actually blame this on Rob as he was running late, so I had to wait until he was done in the bathroom to shower and such. I guess I could come into work sweaty. Next time!) Leaving late let me have a little Santa sighting! Santa totally saw me taking his photo. Hope that doesn't mean I get coal in my stocking! I'm leaving out extra cookies this year.

Even though I left the house like 20 minutes later than usual, I somehow arrived at the office only 10 minutes later to work. This leads me to believe that the MBTA totally runs in some parallel universe where normal schedules and time tables don't exist. In this world, things that have no expiration date expire. True story.

Should have asked Santa for a new window
I open the door to the office, and it's freezing! Not a huge shock, but definitely colder than normal. I can hear the wind howling and it's breezing...inside. I go over to my desk and see the liner of my trash can flying about and notice a couple of my photos have fallen. Oh, and a giant crack in my window!

Eventually, maintenence came, and taped up the window with tape. They also forbid me from sitting in there, and highly discouraged us from going in. It was really windy yesterday so I was actually worried that some of the glass was going to fall! I managed to snap a photo of the outside of the window from the ladies room. The window wasn't magically repaired overnight, so I'm working at a co-worker's desk. So disorienting being in someone else's space! I'm hoping to come in Monday with things back to normal.

With no big plans for the weekend, I foresee running, Christmas shopping and lots of veggie out in the future!

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