Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful for Body Pump

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving. It's awesome to spend time with family, be thankful, and of course eat lots of delicious food. Yum! But my favorite part of Thanksgiving is the running! There are so many great races around and on Thanksgiving. I think it's one of the few times where I'll race twice in one week!

With my little brother post race
This year, I was home in Georgia and got to run the Marietta Gobble Jog with my little brother. We signed up for the 10k, which is just the 5k loop twice. Normally I hate loop courses (when I see the finish line, I want to finish!), but my brother was kind enough to run with me the whole time.

We never seem to catch each other on the phone (or more like he's not home when I call my parents), so we had plenty to chat about. He's going into Officer Candidate School for the Marines in January, so it was interesting to hear about. So scary to think of my baby bro in the Marines, but so proud because I know he worked very hard to get in!

Anyway, Thanksgiving, being home and traveling totally threw off the healthy track. Funny how the holidays can do that. So I decided to pick up my game last night, and FINALLY tried a Body Pump class at my gym. I have been wanting to incorporate more strength training into my week, but I am so useless on my own.

I'd heard great things about Body Pump from friends and online. When people talk about Body Pump, they don't just like it, love it, or think it's a great workout. They use words like obsessed. Obsessed with a workout? This is something I knew I had to try. It's been on the "to-do" list for months, but there's always been some reason I couldn't go. The class would fill up, something would come up, or I would just be too intimidated to pull the trigger.

Why was I scared to go? Well, I'd never done a barbell work out before, so I didn't know what weight to use or even how to assemble them. I was nervous about setting up my station and not grabbing the right equipment. I'd read that you should go early to familiarize yourself and talk to the instructor, but my gym has a tight class schedule, and there is usually another class immediately before Body Pump. Not being able to get in early meant that this would be trial by fire.

I definitely awkwardly stared at people as they set-up (good thing too as I had no idea the weights were held on with these clip things). I told myself that the purpose of the class was just to try Body Pump and to familiarize myself with the class. I am actually really glad I went in with this purpose in mind. It kept me from grabbing too heavy of weights. I went with two 2.5lbs and two 5lbs weights. I think I can go up a little next time, but I am definitely feeling the workout today! Love that feeling!

I can see why people are obsessed with Body Pump! You work a different muscle group each track/song. The counts on each move get changed up, which definitely changes how you feel the burn. I loved the variety and pace of the class. Plus the music was so much fun!

The instructor was awesome! She made suggestions through out the class on what weight people should use and helped guide us newbies. However, I would have like some of this during set-up, because at times I didn't have the right weight to follow her suggestions. It also took me awhile to switch out weights between muscle groups. The class format allows for this, but still, it was awkward and broke up my momentum. Plus being the cardio lover that I am, I missed having some cardio in the mix. Also, it's super popular at my gym, so I foresee getting in being a problem in the future.

Overall I lover the class, and I definitely want to make this part of my weekly routine!

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