Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preparing for Thanksgiving

This last week has been so productive! Early in the week, Rob and I joined his parents to look at rehearsal dinner spots. My parents came into town on Thursday, and the rest of the weekend was spent picking wedding invitations, doing the tasting at the hotel, and shopping for shoes!

I can't begin to say how much fun the tasting was! It was nice to have something that could include my dad and Rob. The boys seem to (happily) be left out of many wedding planning elements, but food and booze are up their alley. Not to mention the hotel staff was so amazing and attentive! I think it's my favorite part of wedding planning so far.

Monday, my parents left, but I will be seeing them at Thanksgiving next week. Saying good-bye is much easier knowing we'll be together again soon.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I made some delicious low-fat pumpkin cupcakes with a spiced pumpkin cream cheese frosting. The best part was using some holiday cupcake decorations my mom gave me.

Pumpkin is an amazing baking ingredient. The cupcakes are nice and moist but there is no butter, no eggs, and no oil! Use reduced fat cream cheese and some more pumpkin, you get a healthier way to enjoy fall flavor! In fact, I'm off to go eat one now!

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