Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big or Small?

Today is the last day of November, and amazingly it is a beautiful day here in Boston!
The view Boston (and some Cambridge) from my office

We've been lucky with great weather this fall. It has been perfect for running! Though with the early sunset, I haven't done quite as much as I would have hoped. I did manage to squeeze in a speedy 3 last night before my Junior League meeting. Just one more run, and I'll meet the Pile on the Miles goal for this week! (Though I'll need to cram in many more with Disney around the corner!!)

Having a deadline definitely made me run faster! I ran a sub 9 minute mile pace for most of the run, and finished strong with a pace of an 8 minute mile. After a quick shower, I was ready to head to the Junior League Headquarters for a quick meeting.

Each year, Junior League Boston (JLB) members are required to attend at least two General Membership Meetings (GMMs). These are huge meetings at a hotel where dinner is provide, different councils give updates, and a speaker presents to the group. Being a shy person, I find these things so intimidating. I always panic about where to sit and if I'll see anyone I know. These meetings cause me an unnecessary amount of anxiety, as I almost always run into someone I know, and we enjoy catching up.

Last night I participated in a Regional Membership Meeting (RMM). RMMs are held several nights at the Junior League Boston headquarters. This means there are many options of dates and times, and the headquarters is a quick walk from my apartment. Plus, it's a much smaller crowd and no awkward dinner chit chat. Because of the smaller group size, the League uses this as a time for interaction. I think most people would agree that being part of an interactive meeting is much more interesting and rewarding than sitting in a crowd simply listening.

The RMM yesterday was particularly fun because we talked a bit about how Junior League makes us a better employees/volunteers/family members. It was really fun to hear about what everyone takes away from the League. I know that the League helped me be a better leader, and it definitely helped me get over some of my shyness. When I managed to League volunteers for Dress for Success Boston, I had to run a meeting of 20 women every other month. It was a growth opportunity, and I got to help people in return. Plus, I am now more closely involved with Dress for Success Boston and plan on helping them in the future! All around a winning situation!

I definitely am better in small groups than big ones. I picked a small sorority to a bigger one. I work at a small non-profit, not a huge corporation. I attended a small college rather than a big university...oh wait. Fail on that one. I suppose sometimes, it's definitely better to get out of your comfort zone!

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